What makes the ideal Tough Mudder outfit?

1. What makes the ideal Tough Mudder outfit?
In addition to the appropriate footwear, Tough Mudder and other obstacle courses naturally also require the right running gear.

If you choose here unintentionally, you can make Arctic Enema and Co. quite beautiful! ?

But what should you pay attention to?

When we order clothes for Tough Mudder baju batik indonesia, we pay attention to the following five criteria.

5 tips for your ideal Tough Mudder clothing

Tough Mudder Clothing

Tough Mudder clothing should repel moisture as much as possible and dry quickly.
Your running gear should sit as close as possible to the body, otherwise you would offer for water and dirt a too large “attack area”.
The material should in any case be breathable.
The clothes should be sturdy and easy to clean so you can enjoy many obstacle courses later on.
At the end of the day, of course, we also want to look good, so optics plays a certain role ?
We have already a few Tough Mudder on the hump and drive with this little checklist quite well.

In addition to these general recommendations we would like to give you a few more tips.

We’ll tell you what you should look out for when choosing your shirts, pants, underwear, and socks for Tough Mudders and other obstacles.

In addition, we have put together a variety of suitable products in our Mudder Shop to give you suggestions and to make your search easier.

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2. Suitable Tough Mudder Shirts
You ask yourself whether you should go for Tough Mudder rather on short or long clothes?

We used to recommend our outdoor temperature, but now we have a different view.

Sure, when the sun bangs, then nothing is against a tank top or a short sleeve shirt.

Alex and Michael always wear long outfits, no matter how much the sun bangs. Strictly speaking, they even wear at least two layers (short-sleeved or underneath)!


Should it really be very hot, there is enough water to cool down. If, on the other hand, it is cold, two layers definitely dissipate more heat, better protect against the wind, and the mutual friction also makes the shirts dry faster.

A pleasant side effect is that in spite of a stately pensum of about 15x Tough Mudder per year actually year round without major scratches rumnd and then in the shower even half as long need, because the dirt in the clothes hangs and not on the body ?

If it should be colder than 15 ° C, we suggest a long-sleeved functional shirt. If, on the other hand, it is warmer, you must know how to set your priorities.

Whatever you choose, you will find suitable Tough Mudder Shirts in our Mudder Shop!

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3. Suitable Tough Mudder running pants
As far as the running pants for Tough Mudder are concerned, we can only repeat ourselves.

Regardless of the temperatures we advise you at least to a 3/4 pants, so at least your knees are protected.

During the 18 kilometers you will not only walk, but also a lot of creep and with high probability also sometimes hang out somewhere.

Long pants can be a blessing!

No question, of course, you’ll survive the Tough Mudder with short pants, if you want to be too warm or run up with your running gear.

However, some of our team would not want to miss the comforts ?

Whatever you prefer – suitable Tough Mudder running pants in all variations you will always find in the Mudder shop.