Trends of the fashion


Subcultures set trends so that you do not miss any more, we take a look at the latest trends for you and tell you how to be styled and who carries them where.

Sure, right now, the hipster. In Berlin, he took over large parts of Europe and became a kind of youth movement.

Trend # 1 The Hipster Style

The world is becoming colorful, and colors play an important role in the summer such as toko baju batik . If you like to experiment with colors, you should take a look at the color.

Trend # 2 Dip Dye, Ombre and Color Gradient

It should be airy and loose. If you want to get something out of simple basics, you should not miss out on the Krempelstyle. Here is carded.

Trend # 3

In the summer you can admire color. Now even feminine floral patterns can be worn, unisex and our untamed masculinity make it possible.

Trend # 4 Flower pattern

If you want to dry and warm in autumn and winter, you need a good jacket. The Friesennerz has already been a faithful service to seafarers and fishermen; now he is back.

Trend # 5 Friesennerz

Other useful instructions

Respect! You’ve done it all the way, madness! Since it is not about any Styleguide, but about the ultimate, we have of course more helpful tips for you. And there are always new basics.

An important theme, which is becoming more and more popular in recent years, are stripes and the marine look. For me, stripes are the biggest and I think this opinion many share. For all strip fans, there are:

Step # 1 The strip look

And to match it

Step # 2 The marine look

If you want to make a good figure in the summer, the next article should read thoroughly. It is about which things man at the beach should necessarily have and how to combine swimming trunks correctly.

Step # 3 Beach Essentials

Step # 4 Swimming trunks

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The Style Guide will of course still be continued, and whenever there is a new article in which you get more helpful tips & tricks, it will be added.

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