Men’s Accessories

Men’s Accessories

Accessories are again a slightly larger topic, the selection is great and almost everything women wear can now also wear men. Chains, rings, belts, etc. is a question of the right combination.

The scarf is not only functional in winter, but also makes a lot of it such as toko baju batik and can not be missing in any style guide. But there is also a lot to consider for the scarf. Not everyone can wear a thin scarf, everything depends on your body shape.

Step # 1 The scarf

Another useful accessory that helps to keep your pants on the spot, if you have not read the previous articles and bought too big jeans or chino pants is the belt.

Step # 2 The belt

Not only in the office an eye-catcher, but also in everyday life quite portable. But it is not easy to combine it with everyday applications:

Step # 3 The tie

If you have a lot to do and always have the time in view, you can not do without a clock. In addition, they can easily upgrade an outfit and are just around the corner thanks to brands such as Komono or Nixon.

Step # 4 The clock

If you go to the university or school she needs every day and who does not always want to have everything in the pants pockets. All women have them, so why not men?

Step # 5 Bags

Just in winter you have to pack warm, so hats must not be missing.

Step # 6 Caps

So much for first to the accessories.