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Get The Look

From now on, we will present you in the “How To” Looks category. Always tuned to the respective season and current trends. If you have an idea for a look, just send us an email.

May not be missing when it comes to autumn fashion. Rustic, sturdy and robust toko baju batik. So it must be in the autumn.

Look # 1 The woodcutter look

Also suitable for the autumn a look for the free wild. Somewhere between Fashion Victim, Urban Traveler and Outdoor Freak.

Look # 2 Outdoor Issue Look

Comfortable, thick knitwear can not be missed in winter. For cold days you would like to spend in front of the fireplace.

Look # 3 The Norwegian knit

As there are also people among us who have to deal with each other every day, a suggestion for a casual business outfit.

Look # 4 The casual business look

Since we also want to take into account current trends, the Animal-Print may not be missing. Also very popular for men.

Look # 5 The Animal Print

Who does not always want to invest a small fortune in his wardrobe can also shop in the sale. Straight basics are perfect.

Look # 6 The Sale look

A trend which has existed for many years and can no longer be thought out of the current fashion is the used look.

Look # 7 The used look

Series such as “The Big Bang Theory” have put society in the spotlight. The nerd is a popular style object and not just the big glasses can look cool:

Look # 8 The nerd look

Even in the summer, man must be well dressed and wear it without much clothing so as not to sweat unnecessarily. Therefore, we are also able to remedy this problem.

Look # 9 The summer look

Gatsby, the Movemember and the Undercut wave have given the Gentleman look a new wind. The modern gentleman is safe, careful, and strict.

Look # 10 The casual gentleman look

Of course this would not be the ultimate style guide if not soon. So stay tuned …