“Clothes make people”

“Clothes make people”

Tips for choosing the right office outfit

The big jump on the career ladder is not always easy to achieve. According to a report of the website arbeitstipps.de, knowledge and qualifications are needed, a well functioning network of contacts, talent, assertiveness and a positive attitude. Also the rhetorical abilities, the character, the self-presentation and the clothing style are decisive.

In medical professions, craftsmen, fire brigades, police, or in the technical field, baju batik indonesia, the choice of the appropriate clothing is not difficult, since specially made dresses and uniforms must be worn. There are also workplaces in which the wearing of casual leisure clothing is no problem. The situation is different in the office and service sector as well as in professions where the contact with customers plays an important role.

This is often a fixed dresscode. Clothing, colors and patterns represent the company and the person. This must be emphasized both to leave the best impression on the respective counterpart. When it comes to changing jobs, the right choice of clothing is also important, as new challenges are set for the employees with the new scope of work.

If you want to re-orient yourself professionally, for example, you will find a large selection of jobs in one of the numerous job exchanges on the net. Above all, in start-ups, the chances of open positions in many sectors are great. In the search for a new job, interested persons have the possibility to select current vacancies according to occupational fields and regions.

1. Select the dress for the upcoming application

The interview is about to start and the excitement is great. Now the first impression counts. At karriere-journal.monster.de the dresscodes of the individual branches are described in detail. In the case of introductory talks, care should always be taken to ensure that the applicant dresses in the usual way. If you are not sure when choosing the right clothing, you should decide in this case for the conservative-classic variant. Male candidates are best dressed in a dark suit, a light-colored shirt, a neat tie, dark leather shoes, and socks matching the suit.
A dark-colored costume, skirt, trousers or blazer, a light blouse, discreetly colored nylon tights, matching shoes with normal high heels and individual accessories are the appropriate equipment for applicants. A good haircut, a discreet make-up, little jewelery and a perfume or aftershave that is not too fragrant are a pleasant appearance.

2. The perfect business outfit for the man

Figure 2: Conservative clothing is ao. In management is very important.

The choice of clothing options is often restricted for men in the office. Above all, those who work in a bank, in management, in an insurance company or in the legal department of a company must still dress conservatively. The dark suit is usually only tolerated by a light-colored or white shirt, a subtle colored tie and dark leather shoes. In marketing and PR areas, however, colorful cloth pants are allowed. Very important is the perfect fit of the individual garments. Too large, small, narrow or wide garments are problematic for anyone who wants to make a career or are in a higher position. Even the choice of the cufflinks, stockings or other accessories influences the wearer’s outward appearance.

3. The perfect business outfit for the woman

Figure 3: A discreet appearance – women should look out for the job.

When choosing clothes, women in the job are usually slightly lighter than men. Trousers, skirts, dresses and costumes – all are permitted, as long as they meet the industry standard specifications. In a bank, insurance, management or visiting a customer, the conservative style is obligatory. Something looser may be the garments in a creative job. These tips for a discreet, yet elegant outfit help with the right choice, because the variety of business dresses, business pants, business blazers and business skirts gives women enough options to dress appropriately. When choosing the individual garments, care should always be taken that these are simply cut and comfortable to wear. Effective details, e.g. Patches, decorative seams and patterns are also allowed. Although colored garments for the job in the office are quite possible, only they should not be too bright.
Anyone who dresses in the office too feminine, shows too much skin and is more likely to wear shoulder-length tops, t-shirts with spaghetti straps, stilettos, open sandals, very short skirts or tight trousers, usually offers a great attack area for criticism Thereby adversely affecting. When choosing the make-up and the perfume always only decent colors and scents should be applied.

Basically the choice of the appropriate business outfit is quite simple. For every profession there is a large selection of Kle